Tips to Improve Workplace Communication

Do you remember that childhood game of telephone? Someone whispers a phrase in another’s ear and that person is supposed to repeat back what they were told to the next person? After this continues down the line, the last person stands up and repeats the phrase they think they heard. The phase given by the last person is always different than what was said in the first place. This is a lot like what happens at companies. But in the workforce bad communication results in a larger-scale game of te

One Can be the Loneliest Number... When you are a Freelancer

"One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do," as sung in Three Dog Night's One. Does this ring true for you if you are a freelancer? It does for me sometimes since especially as a freelance writer, I am often times by myself. If you feel like you lack a co-worker to turn to for resources, I have compiled a list of my favorite websites to help with your creativity in blogging and other freelance endeavors:

Why Freelance Web Content Writers Can and Should Write For Various Industries

Are you a marketing content writer pursuing a new client only to be stopped by the dreaded, "But you haven't written for my industry before so I'm not sure you are the ideal fit for this freelance job?" Or are you a company, agency or recruiter who is asking this question? Personally, I have been asked this question several times throughout my career and find it interesting that the need to stay within the confines of a certain industry even comes up in conversation.

Content Marketing Fact or Fiction? Or a Marriage of I.T. and Marketing?

There have been a lot of discussions lately about content marketing and even if content marketing is little more than well…just marketing. From what I can gather, this debate began with Mark Ritson’s article, Is Content Marketing a Load of Bollocks? written for Marketing Week. He brings up a very interesting point about the effectiveness of content marketing creation and whether its audience impact justifies the amount of time and money spent on its execution.

Is Social Media Necessary for Manufacturing?

Think social media is for b to c marketing only? Not in 2016. It’s rapidly changing. Social media has quickly become a great tool for b to b businesses to connect to new customers and increase sales. Furthermore, businesses are tuning out more traditional outlets like tradeshows and tuning into the Internet to catch a wider audience. And, companies are performing all their initial research online to narrow down prospects. Knowing all this evidence in favor of social media, which channel is best to use?

Video Production Meets Ad Agency Collaboration: Successful Advertising Takes a Comprehensive Team

In today’s world, where Super Bowl ads are just as popular as “the big game” or YouTube product demonstrations supplement or take the place of in-box instructions, video production is becoming instrumental in the advertising world. But with all the demands, sizes and specialties of ad agencies, they may not have the capabilities or time to keep up with client video production needs and may need to outsource.

Going Back To Work After An Extended Maternity Leave: Not As Easy As It Seems…Until Now - Blog

After I had my first child, I took my three-month maternity leave and decided I wasn’t ready to go back to work when it ended. Factors like a job heavy in travel and an immediate housing move to a far suburb from the city where I worked, made my decision clear cut. Soon after, I had two more children and fell into a stay-at-home mom role. I was happy to fill this role, but always planned to go back to work once the kids were older.

Breastfeeding Versus Formula Feeding: Why Not Try A Third Option? - Blog

There has been a lot of debating over the years about breastfeeding versus formula feeding. Each side lists their reasons for choosing the option they did. Talking to several first-time mothers about their experience with breast feeding, it was rarely what they thought it was going to be and several young mothers gave up because it was too hard in the beginning especially being sleep deprived. I was about to give up as well until I discovered a third option, exclusively pumping and then bottle feeding my children.