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Video Production Meets Ad Agency Collaboration: Successful Advertising Takes a Comprehensive Team

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In today’s world, where Super Bowl ads are just as popular as “the big game” or YouTube product demonstrations supplement or take the place of in-box instructions, video production is becoming instrumental in the advertising world. But with all the demands, sizes and specialties of ad agencies, they may not have the capabilities or time to keep up with client video production needs and may need to outsource.

When you think of video production companies in Milwaukee or elsewhere, you probably don’t think creative ad agency culture. But Pixelbox has collaborated with several Milwaukee and other area ad agencies to create original videos. They form a seamless team with ad agencies that give clients the best technical and creative video production possible.

A great example of Pixelbox’s ad agency collaboration in action was when the dog flu hit the Chicago area. In case you can’t recall or don’t know what happened, last spring, a dog flu outbreak created a havoc for pet owners, veterinarians, and animal emergency care centers. Dogs were hit with a strain of the dog flu new to North America, Canine Influenza Virus H3N2. To raise awareness about the new flu and the importance of vaccinations, a global animal health company hired local communications agency, MorganMeyers, who then retained Pixelbox, to create five promotional videos. The project goal was to educate the national veterinary community by showcasing how the Chicago veterinary community responded to the outbreak. The video production team filmed Chicagoans enjoying their dogs; and created videos entirely of soundbites from vets, scientists, pet owners and other experts. Click here for full story.


The bottom line is nowadays ad agencies wear several hats and have more pressure to create memorable videos and ads in today’s digital world than ever before.  So what are the benefits for ad agencies to collaborate with a Milwaukee video production company?


Time: The ad agency may be hard at work on several projects all at one time or a key topic relating to a client’s industry pops up in media headlines, like the dog flu. Pixelbox can jump in where needed to save time and deliver desired results to the clients.


Quick Resources: Since Pixelbox is well-versed in video production, the staff has a wide-range of specialties. They can easily create scripts, scout locations, edit, provide graphics and utilize the ideal studio to create outstanding videos.


Quality Equipment: Ad agencies cover an entire spectrum of a company’s advertisement needs. They may not have the necessary or appropriate equipment for a particular campaign. Pixelbox will not only use the most advanced video production equipment available today, but based on the conversation with the ad agency, guide them to the best and appropriate equipment.


If you’re an ad agency tight on time or just been assigned a video production project out of your realm of expertise, give Pixelbox a call at 262-432-0294. We’d be glad to collocate together on your client’s next project.