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One Can be the Loneliest Number... When you are a Freelancer

Published on 2nd August 2017

"One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do," as sung in Three Dog Night's  One.  Does this ring true for you if you are a freelancer? It does for me sometimes since especially as a freelance writer, I am often times by myself. If you feel like you lack a co-worker to turn to for resources, I have compiled a list of my favorite  websites to help with your creativity in blogging and other freelance endeavors:

PicMonkey:  If you are a blogger like me and are always searching for great online photos, this site is perfect for editing those photos. I have used this site to add backgrounds, drop backgrounds out and add captions. It's simple to use and they are always adding new features.

MorgueFile: Again, writing blog articles for a variety of subjects with sometimes limited budgets, I am always in search of the best free photo sites. I would have to say this one is one of the best ones out there. It has a wide variety of images with over 350,000 free photos.

Journo Profolio: Gone are the days where you carry your samples around from new business meeting to new business meeting. Storing your files online whether you are a freelance artist or a freelance writer, is easy, organized and a simple click to give a potential new client. Personally, this is where I store my writing files. This site is very user-friendly, offers several layouts and the customer service is great.

WordPress: If you do not currently have a website or are thinking of switching, I really like wordpress.com. It offers several templates, is user-friendly and has a potential network for some great new client contacts. I have even written blog articles for people I have met through the wordpress.com network.

Get Harvest: As a freelancer, you have several clients all at one time and you need a tool that can manage timesheets, invoicing and more. Get Harvest is a tool I have come to rely on. You can set up different clients, pay scales and create invoices all from one convenient system.

So even though you may be a company of one, know that there are useful resources out there that can help you feel and stay connected to the freelance world...way more than one!