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Yes, I am letting my 11-year-old daughter wear makeup to school Let me rewind and start from the beginning. My daughter is entering sixth grade, and a lot has changed from the second half of fifth grade to today. She used to wear dresses every day to school, and now she is sporting jean shorts and t-shirts. While she still plays with dolls, she is also getting into more junior high-type activities, like bracelet making and texting with her friends. Over the summer, she approached me about anot

Yes, I Really DO Work From Home

I was at the bus stop waiting for my three elementary school kids to come strolling off the bus. While waiting, I was scrolling aimlessly through my Facebook feed. I suddenly stopped on a post with a comment about working from home, where the mom was lamenting that her family didn’t understand her working remotely, and didn’t think she needed a babysitter for her kids during her work hours if she was at home. As a parent who works from home, this really struck a chord with me. I have received s

Top 10 of "I'm Not Going To Be That Parent" Before And After Having Kids

Have you seen that commercial for State Farm Insurance about life before children and after children? If not, check out the commercial here. Basically it talks about life before kids and lists things like, I'll never move to the suburbs, I'll never get a minivan and I'll never have a second child. Then, the couple have children and the things they thought they would never do, they do. This got me thinking about what type of parent I thought I would be and what type of parent I am now. Here is my list of, "I'm not going to do x, when I'm a parent before and after having kids:

12 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Received After My First Baby

Part of my job was to do research so when I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I went into overdrive. I read every parenting book I could find, did research online and even made my husband read a book written for expecting fathers. When I came home for the hospital with my baby, I felt the preparations I had made went out the door and I was thrown into survival mode. Here are the things I learned after having a first baby that made me more comfortable with our number two and three:

Look Out Telemarketers, My Three-Year-Old is Coming for Your Job

You know those calls you get late at night after you’ve had a long day of work or when you finally have a moment to yourself? You reluctantly pick up the phone even though you know what is waiting for you on the other end. Someone persistently asking you over and over again if you want something and every time you say no, you are met with asking you again if you want the service the person is selling? ,

Breastfeeding Versus Formula Feeding: Why Not Try A Third Option?

There has been a lot of debating over the years about breastfeeding versus formula feeding. Each side lists their reasons for choosing the option they did. Talking to several first-time mothers about their experience with breast feeding, it was rarely what they thought it was going to be and several young mothers gave up because it was too hard in the beginning especially being sleep deprived. I was about to give up as well until I discovered a third option, exclusively pumping and then bottle feeding my children.

Is Your Child Prepared for Kindergarten? 10 Non-Academic Ways to Get Ready For School

Whether you have a child in a toddler program or one in pre-K, there are several ways you can help your child prepare for kindergarten. We have recently had two children go through three years of pre-school and felt neither one of them were fully prepared for elementary school. Here are some helpful tips to prepare your child now so they won't be playing catch-up once in their kindergarten classroom:

When Registering, Keep The Receipts For These

You're pregnant and now a friend or relative wants to throw you a baby shower, but what do you register for? There are so many baby products out there and different variations of each product that it can be a bit overwhelming. I strongly recommend bringing a friend with you to help in the registering process. Make sure you pick someone with a similar personality to yours. With that said, what you think will work for you when you are pregnant versus what actually works for you once the baby arrives, may be two different products. And, what works best for another parent may not be what works best for you. Here is my list of baby items to register for, but keep the receipts in case you need to exchange them for products that better suit your baby needs:
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