I am a copywriter who works remotely.

What sets me apart? I listen, I research, I craft a unique message for your company with very little if any edits. Plus, I stay on deadline! 

Why me for copywriting?  + I have worked in both b to b corporate marketing departments and agency settings. Plus, I can write in specific styles like A.P. or more conversational tones for customers blogs.  And I have worked in various industries from consumer products to staffing to real estate. My experience is in advertising, digital, event, P.R. and print writing.

Who I am? I am a mom of three girls who enjoys working out in my free time. Currently, I practice yoga with weights and go on runs to de-stress. I am trying to eat healthier which is hard to do when your fridge is in your workspace!

Personality wise I like to ask questions and suggest strategy when working on projects. I am honest, trustworthy and organized.