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September is the New January: Why Not Give Lobster Bash a Try?

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Everyone is talking about the month of September as a time to refresh, renew and redo your life. Kids are back in school, summer barbecues are winding down and different goals can be set and accomplished before year end. Why not apply this thinking to your diet and add healthy foods like lobster beginning this month? Plus, no need to add dieting to 2017’s New Year’s Resolution list!

Did you know that there are many nutritional benefits to eating lobster? According to organicfacts.net, some of these include promoting growth, speeding healing, decreasing inflammation, increasing energy and protecting heart health. In addition, there are a number of unique minerals and vitamins found in large quantities in lobster, like B12, which is directly linked to maintaining nerve integrity and keeping your nervous system functioning properly. Furthermore, lobster contains calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are required to increase bone mineral density and help to prevent osteoporosis and other age-related issues that are impacted by weak or frail bones.

Think lobster is too expensive for you? During the whole month of September, we are running a, “where in Chicago or Naperville is Lenny the lobster” on social media. For those of you not familiar, Lenny is Catch 35’s mascot and if you locate him, you have a chance to win free lobster. Our very own Lenny the lobster is traveling all over Naperville and Chicago and will be posting pics on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter each day at a different location. On September 30, Lenny and his identical twin, Lenny II, will be placed in a unique location, one in Chicago and one in Naperville. The first to find him and bring him into Catch 35 Chicago or Naperville, will receive a free lobster roll. (some restrictions apply)

Remember, September at Catch 35 is Lobster Bash. All month long we are running lobster bash specials in addition to our regular menu. Come in and try out some of our new specials like four lobster roll varieties, a 3 lb. whole Maine lobster overstuffed with crab or lobster poppers. Hope to see you soon!