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Yes, I am Selling My Daughter's Girl Scout Cookies; Want to Buy Some?

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In a Parenting.com article, "Is It OK for Parents to Sell Girl Scout Cookies for Their Kids?" writer Hollee Actman Becker asked readers to give their opinion on parents doing the cookie selling for their daughters.

I feel I am more than qualified to answer this question. Thirty years ago I was a Girl Scout and am the mother of a former Brownie and a current Daisy.

Let's face it, times have changed. Back when we sold cookies, if you were lucky enough, one or both of your parents hung your cookies sheet up at their office. Or in my case with two self-employed parents, was driven around the neighborhood and the greater community. There was no Internet, cell phones or really any second thought to knocking on strangers' doors.

Today the days of door to door and booth sales are being supplemented with online transactions. The Girl Scouts of America rolled out an online program last year which they are calling Digital Cookie 2.o. this year. It is not yet in all areas, but where it is available, customers can order and buy cookies online from their favorite Girl Scout. Basically, the Scout creates a personalized Web site where she sells the cookies.

While I think this process is great for older girls who may have their own cell phone or laptop, the younger girls starting at age five, need help selling. Kindergartners and younger elementary school kids have been introduced to the digital age, but they are not proficient enough to use this system.

Also, if you live in a cold weather climate like here in Chicago, cookie season in January is not ideal for booth sales or going door to door when you are so young.

I think The Girls Scouts of America is a great organization and trust me as a true Gen Xer, I certainly want to raise my girls to value hard work and learning new skills. So how do you the parent sell cookies while still having your daughter part of the process?

With my own daughters, I reach out via email to our friends and family about supporting the cookie sale. I then have my daughter fill out the cookie form of orders taken and once the cookies arrive, she sorts them and passes them out to the recipients she knows first hand. I pass out the orders to acquaintances.

I feel with this process my daughter is still indirectly involved in the selling and most importantly earns money to support troop outings and isn't that the point of selling cookies?

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