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The Benefits of Fractional Marketing for Chicago and Milwaukee Companies

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Companies in Milwaukee and Chicago can benefit from fractional marketing. Why? Because today’s customers are inundated with e-mails, blogs and pages of Google-suggested companies. (It’s no wonder they make decisions in seconds.) That’s why your digital marketing or web-based efforts have to set you apart from your competition and fractional marketing can help accomplish this.

What is fractional marketing? Simply put, fractional marketing gives you a part-time, senior-level marketer on a part-time or fractional basis. There are several benefits to turning to fractional marketing instead of hiring a full-time marketer on staff.

Because fractional marketing is:

Cost-Effective: Pay for what marketing skills you need like SEO, branding, content, programming, design and project management.

Proven: Innovative, successful marketing techniques formulated to fit your company.

A New Team: Build successful marketing program from on-site together.

Innovative: Work with current marketing team to strengthen marketing efforts.

Flexible: You determine the amount, days and what framework in which we work.  

Ready to benefit from fractional marketing?  Contact Autumn Consulting today, to learn more about digital and web marketing in Milwaukee and Chicago:

Nathan Misirian / nathan@autumnconsult.com / 262-323-1776