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Is Autumn a Good Addition to your Team/Company?

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Types of Businesses: Autumn helps primarily privately-held business-to-business companies in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas. These are companies looking to connect with their customer bases which range from international to national to their local hometown area.

Our Work Philosophy: We are an open-minded and approachable full-service business-to-business marketing firm. In addition, we want to work together, value your opinions, learn about your business, brainstorm ideas and ultimately formulate a marketing plan that tailor fits your goals and objectives.  We believe great marketing happens when we listen and learn about your unique business challenges and market conditions.  If you are not sure which marketing activity would add the most to your business, we will define and customize a marketing strategy that is “unique to only your audience or customers.”  

Case Study 1: Business size is 50 -150 employees, has a $10 - $100M in annual revenue and we worked with the business owner and marketing staff. Goal was to grow the business faster and get to the next level. We helped this company increase sales revenue, set integrated marketing messages and grow their customers base. The end result was a strengthened brand image and engaged clients and prospects.

Case Study 2: Business size is 50 - 300 employees, has a $5 - $300M in annual revenue and we worked with the business owner and vice president of marketing.  These clients had grown significantly over a long time period, but their current marketing techniques needed to be altered to keep up with current market trends. We helped this company speak more in terms of their customers’ language, set a set-by-step plan to help them grow and created a sales message that speaks to a national rather than local audience. The result was they achieved a unified and strategic marketing plan and were able to penetrate new markets while generating quality leads.

Case Study 3: Business size is 2 - 50 employees and we worked directly with the business owner. This client had dabbled in several marketing tactics over time, but never established a systematic way to deliver marketing. They have owners that are very involved in all business decisions but needed a trusted marketing partner that can be self-managed. We helped this company identify a unique way to define their business, developed an affordable marketing plan and shifted marketing from reactive to proactive. The result was consistent growth, increased customer loyalty, and engaged customers.

If you are looking for a trusted marketing and/or need help with search engine optimization, please give us a call at (262) 323-1776. We’d be happy to discuss other past and current clients’ marketing needs, how we’ve helped them and customize a plan to fit your needs.